The Best Performance Car Money Can Buy Under 30K?

We look at is there a better performance car than the C63 that you can pick up for under 30K?

If what your after is high end speed, ridiculous power, an aggressive look and a frightenley loud exhaust, need you look any further than the C63…

Key factors behind chosing the C63

– This model from new (2013 plate) you’re looking between the £60K & £70K mark depending on options. A car that’s 5 years old you’re owning a car with 60K plus worth of performance for half the money.

– Big engines today are slowly becoming a dying age. We’re slowly moving into an era of turbocharged and electric cars. Naturally aspirated engines are something we should cherish and keep hold of. The 6.2 liter V8 is something to behold, it’s hard to come across on video how special this car sounds, but oh wow in person it sounds epic!

– The likley hood of the car losing much value is very unlikley. The car already has lost a large percentage of its value, without smashing the miles on for the period that you own it you shouldn’t lose too much money on the value of the car. From my previous point with large naturally aspirated engines slowly dying out this car might even gain value long term.

– Ask yourself this… (not Merc specific) Would you rather have the top end model of car that’s 4/5 year old, or for the same price the new shape of the same model but a much lower spec? That for us is a no brainer.

– You have to agree, this age of C63 with the upgraded face lift is a great looking car. It’s wide arches and it’s aggressive lines gives it real presence on the road.

Our C63 after a remap and removal of the limiter is now pushing over 500 brake and with a top speed of over 170mph. For those numbers and the points covered above, for £30K is there any other car that ticks as many boxes?

Pictures below taken from our recent Sunday run out over the North Yorkshire Moors, the Supercar Diary C63 along with a Audi S3